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Have you ever enjoyed something so much, yet know so little about it? I felt the same way when I first began to truly appreciate Summer. I chose this topic due to the popularity of the season and the possibility to expand/clarify upon the pool of 'Summer tips and tricks'. As a personal fan of the season, I found that I should do my best to inform fellow Summer enthusiasts about ways to best enjoy the season through my posts. Through this blog, I have the chance to encourage my audience to go outside, engage in various activities, or travel to different places, and possibly have a chance to make fond memories while doing so. Do you want to learn the best way to tan naturally? If you said yes, put that can of spray tan down and read this blog.

Summer's Personal Appeal
Ever since I was younger, some of my fondest memories were during Summer. I remember the feeling of the hot sun blazing down on me while I swam or frolicked at the beach. From a very young age, I…